The Ins and Outs of Pinterest SEO: How to Build a Strong Foundation

Of course I can’t go a few articles without one from my favorite source Business to Community. I recently accepted a job as the social media and marketing manager for a high end jewelry store. A major presence for them is social media, especially Pinterest. As I talked with the owner on the phone he asked me if I knew how to correctly market through Pinterest and I actually had to think about it for a minute. Although it is not number one choice, it still has a very big presence in the social media world. When I came across this article I was interested to see if it could answer any questions that may have popped into my head during that one minute of questioning my ability. And so I put my trust in Melissa Megginson to provide me with the information I need to know.

By now I have learned that SEO is crucial to any and all marketing strategies. If you aren’t on top of your web presence you are not helping yourself in any way. It is an extremely important factor that all businesses must practice. I am beyond thankful that my Business and Management in Digital Media class has greatly increased my knowledge on this subject matter. It has made me more prepared and confident to go into my job as social media and marketing manager.

“The main point is that Pinterest is a powerful search engine.” The first line that stood out to me by Megginson was this one. I guess I have never considered Pinterest a search engine, I think of it more as just a website or an app. However, after viewing just that line, I realized the main reason I go to Pinterest is to search for ideas, just like I would with Google. Megginson says the key to SEO is not making your strategy overly complex but to hone in on the best practices and implement those into your marketing plan. Lucky for me, she goes on to explain these techniques.

Megginson puts these practices into two categories, quick wins and long wins. Quick wins are easy tasks that you complete at the start of you SEO strategy since it is a long term process. The long term wins are those that take time but when implemented, throughout that time will make a big difference.

One of the first quick wins she provides is to customize your username as well as your Pinterest boards. By creating a unique URL for your account with closer words that relate to the search term, it will mean that the content will look more relevant to Pinterest. The best way to do this is to stick to your company name. Another quick wins she provides is to use the “Pin It Button” on your webpage. In my case, I would implement the Pin It button on each thumbnail or page of a piece of jewelry so that viewers could directly share the item to their Pinterest account. The easier the access to a tool like this, the more likely the users are to click it. This will be a great tactic to build a strong and positive presence on Pinterest.

As for implementing long term practices, Megginson writes about few that I think I will find very useful. Aside from keyword planning which we have gone over many times in class, she provides other strategies like maintaining board names and descriptions. Having keyword rich board names is extremely important and will help search engines identify what kind of content is being featured on your specific boards. It is also a smart idea to insert those keywords into your board descriptions. Don’t overflow them with buzzwords, but come up with a clean description that is almost sentence like.

Reading about these ideas for SEO within Pinterest will give me an edge starting out in my job. I will already know what tasks I should be tackling in order to start off strong and help the business grow. To find out all of Megginson’s SEO practices make sure to read the rest of her article by clicking below!


Read Full Article Here!


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