Why Hiring a UI/UX Designer Is a Bad Idea

A great article here coming from All Business.com featuring some rather interesting information on why hiring a UI/UX designer is a bad idea. I was a little confused when I first saw the article. I’m sure when you saw it you probably thought, “How is hiring a UI/UX designer possibly a bad idea?! They are the major key in crafting a perfect website!” After further reading you will see, as did I, that author James Richman merely made a confusing title to his article. Richman goes on to explain that you should not hire just ONE person to do UI/UX but instead TWO people. One candidate should be a rockstar in UI development, while the other should be a fluent UX designer. To say it as simple as possible, don’t blend these titles together, hire two different people.

Richman tells us that,”The global e-commerce market generates almost $2.5 million in business every minute.” This number is absolutely insane and it goes to show us how huge the Internet has become. Right now we are in a time where if your website isn’t up to par in digital design and functionality… you’re pretty much losing the game. To get your website in top shape you need a damn good digital designer. Coding is never an easy task and it takes the best to be able to pull together the perfect website. But of course there isn’t just the hard coding, there’s much more that goes into it.

Throughout various classes and guest speakers the term UX has become more clear. Guest speaker Lindsay Jones defined UX as, “The overall experiences a user has with their website interaction, encompassing all aspects.” This includes aspects like user research, journey mapping, prototyping, wire framing, information architecture, interaction design, and usability testing. Richman would describe these parts as the blueprint to the website, laying out the information so the UI designer can come in and build the “house”.

Richman draws a clear line between UX and UI, one that helped me understand the process a lot more. “The biggest difference is that a really good UI designer will typically have front-end development and coding skills since they’re the ones actually building pieces of the site that users will interact with, whereas UX is pretty much exclusively a prototyping phase.” Hopefully this quote helps you decide what position you would lean towards, when looking to apply for jobs.

There is a bit of a blurry line between UX and UI and some parts overlap with one another. This article by Richman truly helped bring clarity to the different positions, which I now understand. As a business owner it is crucial to know these differences so that you are hiring the right employees and and as a job seeker it is important to know which position better fits your skill set. Thank you James for helping us out.

Read Full Article Here!


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