12 Staggering Reasons Why Startups Fail Their User Experience

Another intriguing article found on Business 2 Community, sharing the 12 reasons why startup companies fail their user experience. I thought this article was fitting due to a recent visit by UX designer Lindsay Jones. First I wanted to share an observation I’ve made over these past few posts. While searching the Internet for articles, I realized that most of the titles begin with a number. “8 Reasons Why” or “10 Ways To” are common phrases and it has brought to my attention the style of digital writing. The titles I have come across online include numbers because it implies a short and simple read. Like the Internet, these articles are laid out to easily guide the viewer to the most important information. This actually reminds me of UX design, which brings me back to the article of the week.

UX design, and for those of you who don’t know, User Experience design, is all about the viewer and the people visiting your website. Maybe your website is confusing to follow due to a bad navigation set up, well that is where UX design comes in. Enhancing ones website in order to provide a flawless user experience, ensuring your sites visitors walk away satisfied. Start up companies may fail to recognize the importance of UX design, however it is crucial to have an easy to follow website in order to be successful.

After reading through this article by Anna Rodriquez I wanted to point out some of the ideas that start up companies should consider when crafting their website. “UX is crucial to every startup: it makes complex processes simple and relevant features noticeable” (Rodriquez). This statement is the crux to UX design. It caught my eye before I even fully got into the article and I couldn’t agree with it more.

I want to first talk about something that automatically brought me back to Lindsay Jones’s presentation. UX is crucial from the beginning. Lindsay stressed many times that if UX design is not implemented in the beginning stages you are basically setting yourself up for failure. Rodriquez also fixates on this point in saying, “One of the worst mistakes a startup can make is half-heartedly incorporating UX design late into the process when it should be the center of the development process right off the bat. UX should be treated as the heart of a startup.” I think it’s amazing that UX has the power to do so much for a company. I have never really thought about UX design until these past few days. In just this short amount of time I have become extremely interested in the job. I want everyone else to be aware of its importance as well; so please, if you are thinking about starting your own business and creating your own website, make sure to implement UX design as soon as possible.

One of the activities Lindsay talked about was user research. The idea of understanding what is going on with your user/audience. According to Rodriquez, one of the main failures for startups is targeting the wrong audience. This is an important concept to me because ever since I started design classes I was taught to always first think about who you are going to appeal to/who your audience will be. Failure to pinpoint your audience can lead to disassociation between the user and the usability of your site. This is not something that should be overlooked and I would suggest doing a full breakdown of who you want your target audience to be before starting.

The last point I will go over is what Lindsay Jones described as usability testing. This is the number one way to reduce the risk of what you are doing. By testing your site before hand with users, you will be able to receive crucial feedback before finalizing and launching your site. This was also one of the twelve reasons startups fail their user experience. By performing tests, users can, “… figure out where they’re doing great and where they’re performing poorly so they can avoid ruining site features that truly work and fixing the underperforming pages” (Rodriquez).

If you are a startup or considering it, I strongly suggest reading this article before starting your journey. UX design is truly incredible and if implemented correctly it provides the ability for greatness. I have become increasingly interested in this topic and it is something I can see myself being passionate about for the rest of my life.

Read Full Article Here!


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