How the SEO Game is Changing (and What You Need to Know)

In this article, Goutham Bhadri informs his readers on how to keep up with the frequent Search Engine Optimization changes. Ben Gomes, Google’s Vice President of Engineering tells us, “Our goal is to get you the exact answer you’re searching for faster.” How do they do this you might ask? I found one word to sum it all up for you… ALGORITHM. In order to best manage their SEO, Google makes regular changes to their algorithm.

With Google being one of the biggest search engines, Bhadri chooses to focus specifically on their SEO tactics. Algorithms are updated all of the time, with one focus on mind, the searchers. Google changes to support their needs, which ultimately will help your business rank higher in the search results. If there were no people searching, there would be no need for SEO, or even websites for that matter. This is one of the most important ideas that Google employs.

Algorithms are also able to read if you have quality content on your website. This is something I find personally interesting. Actions like a post on your site being shared on social media or the duration in which a viewer stays on your site are noticed by algorithms. Another intriguing action is known by Google Analytics as your “bounce rate”, or the realization that people don’t leave your site immediately after reading your post. Bhadri sums these ideas up nicely by saying, “The more buzz you can generate around your website’s content, the more search engines will take notice. As a result, you’ll be ranked higher.”


I brought up in the last paragraph the phrase social media, quite an important term in the world of SEO. The age we are in now has heavily adopted social media. It surrounds people in their everyday lives and is becoming more popular day by day. The presence of social media will only help your business by getting more people to your site. “Social media drives traffic” (Bhadri). So don’t forget to keep yourself involved in the social media world, the algorithms are watching.

All of these ideas I have discussed are crucial to keeping up with the changing SEO game. Algorithms are constantly adapting with their main goal in mind, enhance the searcher experience. By following these suggestions, you will be ready to keep up with the SEO game!

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