10 Things You Have to Know About SEO & Social Media in 2016

While many might question how social media and SEO co-exist, Dee Stephens provides ways to maximize your SEO social media experience. “The SEO and Social Media discipline is not just about creating and posting great content, it’s about promoting that content so that it achieves the results we are looking for” (Stephens). This article provides ten tips that will help you get the best SEO results for your social media accounts.

While the article points out many helpful tactics, these are a couple of ideas I found important that one should keep in mind. It’s not just presence. If you are trying to increase your ranking it’s going to take more than simply creating a social media account. As talked about in class a large part of SEO is authority; is your site trusted and important? Within this, we look to popularity and quality in order to determine a websites authority. Once an account is established, it is up to you to provide intriguing content along with quality links to prove the importance of your site. Aside from content, becoming and remaining and active participant in your site is another way to bring your site higher on the totem pole. The more active you are the more popularity your website will gain. These are the correct actions that will help establish a solid rank for your site.

In class we also talked about conversion; when a user takes action on your site that you desire. Whether it’s purchasing, subscribing, emailing, or leaving information, conversion is a goal. In the article Stephens tells us that, “Social media will never be the engine of survival for sales conversions, but SEO will, and together these two have a specific synergy that unfortunately does require investment if one is to use these 2 to drive sales and conversions.” By combining social media and SEO conversion will be high. You will get the traffic to your site that you desire, ultimately leading to the success of your business.

This article was an interesting read. Although shorter, it gave the most important information for someone who is looking to establish a strong social media rank. Whether it is increasing presence through information, authority and activity or creating a strong recipe for conversion, I hope I have surfaced some ideas on how to obtain the best SEO value for your social media website.

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